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13:30 / Networking Lounge

Event Registration, coffee & networking

14:10 / Main Stage

Chair's Opening Remarks

Manish Kashyap, Regional MD, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, Asia Pacific and Global Head of Advisory & Transaction Services - Agile


14:20 / Main Stage / Keynote
Repairing disconnect between humans and the built world 


For too long the construction and property industries have operated as a product industries. But change is here, and it’s happening rapidly. Are we beginning to repair the disconnect between humans and the built world? And what does the future of these industries look like?  

Darren Bechtel, Founder & CEO, Brick & Mortar Ventures

14.50 / Main Stage / Panel

Design, technology and experience - Redefining the business of real estate

We explore how our industry is being disrupted and redefined, how value is being understood and how our businesses need to be positioned to succeed in this new world. 

Justin Gabbani, CFO, Lendlease

Uten Lohachitpitaks, Group CIO, Frasers Property 

Sid Yog, Founder & Chairman, The Xander Group

15:30 / Networking Lounge

Networking break

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16:00 / BWT Construction / Talk

BIM  - Getting BIM firing as your first step to success

BIM is recognized as the key enabler, encompassing the digitalization of the entire value chain. Yet it's severely under-used in Asian construction projects. At BWT Construction, Rob Sanchez unpicks the inhibitors and provides steps to fully implement BIM as a springboard for transformation.

Rob Sanchez, Head of Corporate VDC, China Construction (South Pacific) Development

16:00 / BWT Real Estate / Talk


Digital Transformation Strategy - How can a property company grow like a tech company?

From the beginning of 2013 to 2017 Ananda grew its residential launch market share from last to first among listed developers, while simultaneously strengthening its brand to become most trusted in the industry.  Learn how a property company harnessed technology to grow like a tech company.


John Leslie Millar, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Ananda Development

16:00 / BWT Workplace / Talk

Identity, Brand & Belonging  - Why does it matter? And what drives loyalty?

The sense of belonging is hugely important to shared space and short term contracts. So what matters to people? How do we shift the needle from customer to resident?

Gregory Kittelson, Chairman KMC Solutions

16:00 / SPACE / Talk

Placemaking - Curating space for greater engagement

From the private to the public realm, the curation of space and place is at the forefront of world-class projects. The commercialisation of the experience is attempted by many, but succeeded by few. Valerie Wong discusses the key elements of world-class placemaking.


Valerie Wong, General Manager Commercial, GuocoLand, Singapore 

16:30 / BWT Construction / Discussion Group

ConTech Investment - What's investable now? And what in 3-5 years?

Exciting ConTech is emerging across collaboration platforms, IoT and smart devices, autonomous buildings, Next-Gen commerce and data/insights. At BWT Construction, our ConTech investors pick the market ready and the next big thing.

Host: Reserved


Co-Host: Darren Bechtel, Founder & Managing Director, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Co-Host: Gonzalo Galindo, CEO, CEMEX Ventures

Co-Host: Eric Lamb, President, WND Ventures

Co-Host: Nikhil Kapur, Partner, Strive

16:30 / BWT Real Estate / Discussion Group

Future-proofing Real Estate  - How to lead cultural change

People don't like change. In this new era of digital Real Estate, leaders need to understand the obstacles to transformation and plot a course beyond. At BWT Real Estate, we discuss how transformation leaders can better lead cultural change.

Host: Cole Purdie, Head of Digital Technology, CBRE

Co Host: ​​Bryan Ong, Head of Digital & Technology, Keppel Land

Co Host: Michal Paulen, Innovations & Partnerships Asia, HB Reavis

Co-Host: Melvin Tan, Head of Innovation, City Developments

Co-Host: Christian Ng, New Ventures Business Development, Swire Properties

16:30 / BWT Workplace / Discussion Group

Space Optimization- What's adding real value to offices?

In theory, space optimization and re-design generates value for occupiers, landlords and operators. But how is it measured and evaluated? At BWT Workplace we examine which technologies add value and how that value is translated to the wider business.

Host: TBA

Co-Host: Dinesh Malkani, Founder & CEO, Smarten Spaces

Co-Host: Corey Stephens, Senior Manager, Southeast Asia, Oracle


16:30 / SPACE / Panel Discussion 

New Economies - Low Carbon, Collaborative, Circular & Night-time

The Low Carbon, Circular, Collaborative & Night-time Economies are fundamentally important to the future of Real Estate. Yet many have failed to grasp their significance. At SPACE we explore how these economies impact real estate strategy and medium term investment.

Moderator: Keagan Rubel, Director of Sustainability & the Environment GWS APAC, CBRE

Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments 


Yoan Kamalski, CEO & Co-founder, Hmlet 

Tan Szue Hann, Managing Director, MINIWIZ

17:20 / Networking Lounge

Drinks Reception

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09:00 / Main Stage

Chair's Opening Remarks

Manish Kashyap, Regional MD, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, Asia Pacific and Global Head of Advisory & Transaction Services - Agile


09:10 / Main Stage / Keynote

Future-proofing the Built World - Embracing & Investing in Disruption

The way we design, construct, transact, maintain and experience the built world is changing. As disruption accelerates, new winners and losers will be made. So what are the Big Bets on the future of the industry and how are global property leaders responding?

Jonathan Hannam, Co-Founder, Taronga Group 

Jeanne Casey, Principal, MetaProp 

Joe Wang, Principal, Fifth Wall

Eric Lamb, President, WND Ventures

09:50 / Main Stage / Panel

New Operating Models - How is Real Estate as a Service repositioning established businesses?

Office by the day / hotel by night. Flex Space sub-brands. Mobile apps for space optimzation. Assets are already being used in innovative ways to stretch value. But what of the longer term? Is the office sector being future proofed for resi? Can car parks being future-proofed for alternative mobility? Our keynote panel explores what else is on the horizon as Real Estate as a Service evolves?

Faisal Butt, CEO, Pi Labs

Sylvia Koh-Gratton, Head of Asset Value Creation & Management, CapitaLand 

Abhishek Goenka, CEO, CoWrks & RMZ Family Office 

John Leslie Millar, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Ananda Development

10:30 / Networking Lounge

Networking break

Visit the PropTech zone, network with your peers. Interact with people you wouldn't usually meet at a property conference. 

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11:00 / BWT Construction / Talk

Connected Construction - How to enhance productivity through ConTech innovations

The construction industry still lags behind as one of the least digitised sectors, however, this is slowly starting to change. Praveen Tomy outlines how to adapt quicker to counter efficiency and productivity challenges and keep up in the race for innovation.

Praveen Tomy, APAC  Head, Autodesk Construction Cloud

11:00 / BWT Real Estate / Talk

PropTech Investment - Why Asia? Why now?

PropTech investment in South East Asia is a few years behind the US. But increasingly, US and European venture funds are looking for opportunities further afield. So why Asia? And why now?

Faisal Butt, CEO, Pi Labs 

11:00 / BWT Workplace / Talk

The evolution of CRE leadership- Half the space, double the experience!

The pendulum has swung from vacancy rates to experience curation. But how do you measure workplace experience? At BWT Workplace Sheridan Perkins shares his views on the new role of the CRE Leader in a challenging environment of blended CRE, HR and IT.

Sheridan Perkins, Global Head, Workplace, Standard Chartered

11:00 / SPACE / Talk

Reimagining Retail - Co-working, concept stores, meanwhile space - what else?

In a ‘death or transformation’ scenario, stewards of malls are responding to  changing consumer behaviour by looking to drastically change the mix of assets uses and amenities. What does that look like?

Helen Lam, Head of Innovation and Development Practices, Lendlease


11:30 / BWT Construction / Discussion Group

Digital Transformation & ConTech - How ConTech can drive business transformation

From design, to build, and finally to operation, Digital Twin technology continues to evolve. At BWT we will examine how this  ConTech is redefining construction management and facility management and leading to business transformation.

Host: TBA

Co-Host: Johnny Clemmons, Global Head of Engineering Construction & Operations, SAP 

Co-Host: Terence Liu, CEO, Varadise

11:30 / BWT Real Estate / Discussion Group

VC & Family Offices - What are we looking for in PropTech start-ups?

Traditional VC investment into PropTech has been slower than some expected, leaving Family Office and Corporate VC to fill the void. So, what will encourage investors to invest?


Host: TBA

Co-Host: Abhishek Goenka, CEO, CoWrks & RMZ Family Office

Co-Host: Pauline Chong, Principal, Cento Ventures

Co-Host: Takeshi Kodama, Executive Manager, 31Ventures

Co-Host: Amorn Amornsomboon, Principal, Siri Ventures

11:30 / BWT Workplace / Discussion Group


Tenant Experience - What kind of technologies add value and which are overhyped?

TeX is at the core of workplace design. But how do property firms win the tenant experience battle with mobile?

Host: TBA

Co-Host: Alan Landau, Technology Innovation Manager, Ananda Development


Co-Host: Vignesh Thangadurai, Head of Real Estate APJCI, Cisco

Co-Host: David Wong,  CEO & Co-Founder, Booqed

11:30 / SPACE / Panel Discussion


Placemaking - Cost and complexity vs value creation

Though most see placemaking as key to value creation, many see it as a ‘policy burden’. So what are the fundamental success factors to great placemaking?

Host: TBA

Jason Chen
Director, Place Management
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Mindy Teo - Deputy Managing Director, lyf - The Ascott


12:10 / Networking Lounge

Networking Lunch

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13:00 / BWT Workplace

Focus Group: Gen Z

Millenials (or Gen Y) have been the focus of much debate in terms of their expectations of work and their workplace. Now, it is time to turn the attention to Gen Z. Any asset owner, investor or operator needs to get to grips with the generation entering the workforce. At SPACE and BWT we hear directly from Gen Y in this interactive focus group.

Desmond Sim, Head of Research Southeast Asia, CBRE

13:40 / Main Stage

Flex Space strategy - What do occupiers really want?

Business don’t want offices. They want successful employees. Space-as-a-Service is about helping to maximise that success. In a conversation too often driven by providers, we hear hand the reigns to those actually implementing a flex space strategy.  

Moderator:  Sidharth Dhawan, Head of Agile Real Estate, CBRE

Sheridan Perkins, Global Head, Workplace, Standard Chartered

Erwin Chong, Executive Director, Head of CRE, DBS Bank

Vignesh Thangadurai, Head of Real Estate APJCI, Cisco

14:20 / Main Stage

Innovation Contest

PropTech companies (headquartered in APAC) can apply for the innovation contest. From there, our judges will whittle down to a final six who will pitch live at BWT Asia.  The 6 finalists will receive 2 x tickets to BWT Asia, 1x1m stand and a live pitch at BWT Asia.

Wolfgang Moderegger, Founder, BUILTWORLD

15:10 / Networking Lounge

Networking break


Visit the PropTech zone, network with your peers. Interact with people you wouldn't usually meet at a property conference. 

15:40 / BWT Construction / Talk


Big Data in Construction - The next big thing or over-hyped?

Construction companies, some say, should prioritise investment based on areas where AI and Big Data have the biggest impact. Early movers are already setting the direction of the industry. At BWT Asia we examine which areas of construction AI can add the most value.

Ronan Collins, Head of Project Information Management, Gamuda 

15:40 / BWT Real Estate / Discussion

Country Focus- Australia & China

Australia and China rank as heavyweights in shaping built world tech in the APAC region.

At BWT we will analyse the similarities and differences between these two leading markets and how they will continue to shape digital transformation in the future.

Host: Reserved

Co-Host: Avi Naidu, Managing Director, Taronga Group 

Co-Host: Jonathan Hannam, Co-Founder, Taronga Group 

Co-Host Juan Nieto, Asia Representative - Investment Team, CEMEX Ventures


15:40 / BWT Workplace / Talk

Wellness- Five ways to improve your employee wellness strategy

Embracing a longer-term strategy of workplace wellness can drive fundamental change and have a lasting impact on the bottom line. At BWT Asia we take a look at how companies integrate wellness and sustainability principles into corporate strategy and workplace design.



15:40 / SPACE / Panel

Urban Mobility as a Service- What do Real Estate companies need to factor in to future plans?

The real estate industry largely acknowledges the need to understand mobility trends — 80% of respondents to the Emerging Trends Europe survey said changes in mobility are playing a part in their investment decision-making. So what do we need to know?

Host: TBA

Wee Meng Lim, CEO, mobilityX

Genping Liu, Partner, Vertex

16:10 / BWT Construction / Talk

Modular - How developers can adapt their build strategy to incorporate modular design

Modular has moved from niche to mainstream, yet there are still very few fully embracing the opportunity. What do we need to know, now, to incorporate it into strategy?

Nicholas Brand, Director Asia Pacific, Mace

16:10 / SPACE / Panel Discussion

Disruption - How will the institutional response develop in the next 12 months?

PropTech, Flex and Co-Living continue to transform the real estate market. But what's the institutional response? And how will the next 12 months play out?



Simon Garing, CEO, Cromwell EREIT 

Pooja Gurbani, Partner, Golden Equator Capital 

Su Lin Wee, Executive Director & Head of Asset Management, PGIM 

16:40 / Main Stage

Chair's Closing Remarks


Manish Kashyap, Regional MD, Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, Asia Pacific and Global Head of Advisory & Transaction Services - Agile